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Properties in Islamabad MIVIDA, The Hottest One!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that MIVIDA is one the of hottest properties in Islamabad. It’s is located at the prime location at M2 Motorway & Chakri Road. It provides beautiful landscape combined with the ever lush green Margalla Hills offering the most serene living experience. We feel proud to announce that ZZA Realtors is official partner of MIVIDA Pakistan.

It has some unique set of features. Let’s see how much time does it take to drive from Mivida to some of the key areas, below.

Drive from MIVIDA

  • It has 3 Minutes Drive to Cadet College.
  • 12 Minutes Drive to Islamabad Airport.
  • 14 Minutes Drive To Kashmir Highway.
  • 15 Minutes Drive To Bahria Town.
  • 16 Minutes Drive To DHA, Islamabad.
  • 25 Minutes Drive To PC Hotel, Rawalpindi.
  • 30 Minutes Drive To Serena Hotel, Islamabad.
MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad ZZA realtors

MIVIDA Pakistan is the most Promising & Livable Master Plan of current era providing all desired and promised amenities in a grand scheme of services

Why MIVIDA is the hottest property in Islamabad?

  • It has Signal – Free Main Boulevard connected to both M-2 Motorway & Chakri Road.    
  • Accessible Ring Road all around the Project for fast mobilty.
  • Highly Active Commercial Central District.
  • Green Belts paved in multiple sectors.
  • Public Walkways from home to Markaz.
  • Advanced IT Park and Education Complex.
  • Neighborhood Markaz for easy access.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque along with Sector Mosques.

Perfect Balance of Life

MIVIDA offers a Perfect Balance of Luxury and Eco-Sustainability Progressing the Unique Experience of Buying and Selling Modernized and Sustainable Real Estate.

  • Four-seasons Weather.
  • Healthy Environment.
  • Abundant Water.
  • Beautiful Landscape.
  • Robust Commerce.
  • Market Connectivity.
  • Recharger Ponds.
  • Rainwater Collection Ponds.
  • Stormwater Management Infrastructure.
  • Greywater Management at Housing Infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Landscape Preservation Strategies.
  • Less Carbon Footprint.

Mivida is Socially Sustainable through safe, clean and pleasant environment with intentional collateral benefits, holistic hybrid spaces and buildings which work well, wear well and look good; ‘human’ in scale and form, with access to good and healthy food, built-in exercise to daily life and at hand water and fuel, and opportunities for culture, leisure and recreation readily available to all.

Financially Sustainable through competitive prices, broad – based productive local economy and well-paid jobs.

That’s why we’d recommend you to invest your future in the hottest properties in Islamabad, MIVIDA.

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