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What is Mivida Islamabad Pakistan Payment Plan?

As you know Mivida Islamabad, Pakistan is one of a kind Eco-City in the country which is greener and healthier. ZZA Realtors brings forth another useful piece on Mivida.

They are offering amazing pricing schemes with installment plans. Which are affordable and reasonable. To check out their features you can check out our previous article.

Payment Details Mivida Islamabad, Pakistan

Mivida Islamabad Pakistan ZZA realtors
  • Facing Park/Corner/Three Sides Open/Main Road (Between 41` and 199`) each contain 10% extra of Total Price.
  • In addition to the above, main Boulevard (200` and above) contains 15% extra of Total Price.
  • Confirmation will be payable after 01 month of booking.
  • 1st Quarterly Installment will be payable after 90 days of booking.
  • All prices are exclusive of development charges.

Dicounts by ZZA Realtors

Acquiring the property via ZZA will bring forth some amazing discounts for you. You can get discounts of up-to 10%. Lump Sum payment will get you 10% off whereas you can get discount of 5% on half payment.

  • 10% Discount on Lump sum Payment.
  • 05% Discount on Half Payment.


  • Reduced Water Consumption.
  • Renewable Energy through Solar Farms.
  • Windmills & Bio Plant Bio-domes using Passive Cooling Method.
  • Bio-filtered Wastewater Recycling.
  • Centralized Waste Management, Recycling Centers & Bins.
  • Water Conservation & Water Treatment Plant (WTP.
  • Wastewater Recycling & Treatment Plant (WWTP) Aqueducts Recharger Ponds.
  • Rainwater Collection Ponds.
  • Stormwater Management Infrastructure.
  • Greywater Management at Housing Infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Landscape Preservation Strategies.
  • Less Carbon Footprint.

People are using different names for Mivida like, Mivida Pakistan, Mivida Islamabad, Mivida Rawalpindi, Mivida City etc.

To summarize everything, MIVIDA Pakistan is a safe investment for your healthy and luxurious future. ZZA Realtors will be posting more details soon regarding it’s payment plans and discounts.

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