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Everything you need about MIVIDA Pakistan

It is the first Eco-sustainable City with Smart Progression. It’s a well planned and state of the art project of MEINHARDT, Maxim Group and Khanial Builders. We feel proud to announce that ZZA Realtors is official partner of MIVIDA Pakistan.

Let’s go through some of the key features it has and what makes it different

Key features:

  • PGA Standard 9 Holes Golf Course at 40 acres.
  • Urban Heat Islands.
  • Green Spine Walkways and Cherry Blossom Pavilions.
  • Distinctive Series of Green Ribbons.
  • Walkable Biking & Shaded Jogging Trails.
  • Botanical & Rain Gardens.
  • Hydroponic Domes & Solar Trees.
  • Butterfly House, Avian Park, Bird Sanctuaries & Zoo Play Fields & Interactive Green Spaces.
  • Water & Amusement Parks.
  • Organic Fruits & Vegetable Gardens.
Mivida Pakistan ZZa Realtors

MIVIDA provides high-end luxury and comfort, at par with the most advanced in the world and very affordable rates. It’s green and healthy environment will provide valuable living space. It is deigned is such a way that everything is near enough for you to conduct all the daily routines such as prayers, walks and shopping.

Dynamically Designed:

  • Signal – Free Panoramic Main Boulevard connected to both M-2 Motorway & Chakri Road.    
  • Ring Road all around the Project for fast access.
  • Active Commercial Central District.
  • Green Belts situated in multiple sectors.
  • Public Realm Walkways with 10-15 minutes’ walk from home to Markaz.
  • IT Park and Education Complex.
  • Neighborhood Markaz.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque along with Sector Mosques.
  • Open and Inviting Plaza with Ground-Level Activity.


What Does it mean to be an Eco-Sustainable City? It means that, we conserve the productivity of the waters, the soil and the ecosystem, and reduce our impact on the natural environment and people’s health to a level that the natural environment and humanity can thrive happily.

  • Reduced Water Consumption.
  • Renewable Energy through Solar Farms.
  • Windmills & Bio Plant Bio-domes using Passive Cooling Method.
  • Bio-filtered Wastewater Recycling.
  • Centralized Waste Management, Recycling Centers & Bins.
  • Water Conservation & Water Treatment Plant (WTP).
  • Wastewater Recycling & Treatment Plant (WWTP) Aqueducts Recharger Ponds.
  • Rainwater Collection Ponds.
  • Stormwater Management Infrastructure.
  • Greywater Management at Housing Infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Landscape Preservation Strategies.
  • Less Carbon Footprint

It has smart solutions built-in, Smart Surveillance & Security System, Smart Metering & Monitoring System, Smart Electrical Car Charging Points & Stations Smart, Garbage Collection System, Smart Fire/Hazard Safety System, Smart Air Pollution Management, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Way Finding , Smart Parking, Smart Grid and much more. It is surely one of the best investment you can make in Islamabad right now.

To summarize everything, MIVIDA Pakistan is a safe investment for your healthy and luxurious future. ZZA Realtors will be posting more details soon regarding it’s payment plans and discounts.

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