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ZZ Realtor brings together over 20 years of experienced marketing professionals and a dedicated IT and customer support department making us a winning Team incorporating all the required aspects of a modern marketing company. We have vast experience in Pakistan and UAE markets with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe.





Converting Transactions into Relationships

ZZ Realtors pride itself as a name that its customers have come to trust as a customer support and an ultimate satisfaction is our primary goal. Our customer support department trains personnel at the site and booking office to provide them with most upto date and honest information. We have completed several projects with utmost satisfaction of both the developers and the customers through our hardwork and dedication.

Highly trained team of marketing professionals of ZZ Realtors employs native advertisement embedding our product in news to subconsciously attract the customers. deliver presentations at the client office. We have an active call center dedicated to providing upto date information to our clients at their requests with professional realtors available to answer every clients query. 

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Our Expert Realtors

Zaman Mirza

Zaman Mirza

Managing Director

Zia Akhtar

Zia Akhtar

Director (UK)

Mashood Akhtar

Mashood Akhtar

GM Corporate


Anwar Javed

GM Sales

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Waleed Zafar

Real Estate Consultant

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Basma Altaf

Business Development Officer

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Ahmer Khan

Business Development Officer

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Amir Raza

Business Development Officer

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Hina Abbasi

Business Development Officer

Creating Real Value in Property & Places.

ZZ provides Luxurious opportunities around the World. We serve the full life-cycle of owning or living by: buying, building, selling, consulting, restructuring and more.

By doing consultation with you, we’ll help you in finding the right home for you. Our expert team will coach you on the many aspects to look for in a property and the surrounding neighbourhood, many of which you may not have considered yourself. When it comes to such a significant and financially substantial life decision, taking advantage of professionals like us should be the utmost priority. 

Project management has vital role when it comes to real estate & construction projects. We ensure the successful completion of the project is on time and within budget. ZZ Realtors as a certified professionals is responsible for the smooth execution and completion of any construction project, it is very important for us to understand how to handle the different stages of the project accordingly.

ZZ Realtors is a company who can convert ideas from paper to real property. We buy land, finance real estate deals, build projects, create, imagine, control, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. So you don’t need to worry about anything :).

We have tons of connection of the world renowned architects all around the world. Our Architects are trained to consider how a project might sit within and relate to its context, ensuring long-term benefits to their clients and the relevant neighborhoods. Our Arhitects are taught to understand urbanism and recognize areas with development potential,

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