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A Prime Location In Capital City Of Pakistan, Islamabad​

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Think Above & Beyond.

Created for you, a new locale for a new beginning with a cool environment that envelopes the peaceful place in Islamabad. Khanial Homes is at the forefront for ensuring a holistic environment sustainable housing solution that comply with costumer satisfaction. We invite you to rediscover the beauty of Khanial Homes. 

Unique To Suit

The sparkled hues of every part of the infrastructure to the real stone hued contemporary architecture, the exteriors of the houses of Khanial Homes provides a steamless glimpse, the occupants and the guests of Khanial Homes are recounted an account of what lies ahead by its magnificence and flamboyance.

Unlimited Entertainment

Khanial Homes provides you a real heaven of fun and excitement. Be ready for choices with the mall's unique blend of exclusive fashion stores, anchoring leading, global brand names and unlimited entertainment options. iMax offers relaxed ambiance and immersive sound system with crystal clear quality.

Universal Convenience

A living experience that literally leaves noting on its outside. Khanial Homes was built on the mindset of "family is before everything", keeping that in mind and in check. Place of worship is located at the premium location inside. A direct connection rendering numerous advantages into the city and beyond.

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Residential Area

Residential area of Khanial Homes have been designed beautifully based on the idea of self-sustainability. These modern style houses give you the privilege to live a complete lifestyle, hence offering you a city within a city. An impressive range of options are available for buyers. We are offering the low cost houses as well with all modern facilities and quality accomodation. Our objective is to make sure that our residents will get best quality and huge variety of every necessity under one roof, so they would not have to go anywhere else.
10 Marla
8 Marla Commercial

Commercial Area

Home to some of the most exciting international and local brands, Khanial Homes offers shopping, entertainment and recreational activities under one roof with Gold & Wedding Souks, Fabricville, Hyperstar, Food Street, Cinepax, Restaurants, Food Court, Indoor Games & Playareas. Khanial Homes aims to provide a comfortable, secure and complete life to its residents. The 150 feet wide Grand Avenue running through the project will provide commercial hub, suitable for all conceivable business entities to the entire satisfaction of its residents. 

Endowed with Facilities

World Class Living Society that will define real estate sector in Pakisan. Khanial Homes is a neighbourhood resplendent with beautifully landscaped gardens lining broad acenues, featuring the highest design standards and premium amenities at attractive price points. Each of the homes is designed to give life to your individual expressions and also an environment to grow and flourish in a thriving community. Unwind after a hard day’s work and experience a great sense of peace.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

24/7 Hours Security

Underground Electric System

CCTV Camera Watch


A Prime Location

Created for you, a new locale for a new beginning, A direct connection rendering numerous advantages into the city and beyond. State of the art gated & secure community, strategically situated on Chakri road, 24/7 access from M-2 Motorway.

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Luxury Life In Affordable Price

While you may wish to experience the luxurious side of life, you may not think you have the budget to make it possible. The good news is that there are are some exciting promotions and installments plan for living large for less. Check out the payment plans in B-Executive Block of Khanial Homes. 


Pricing Plan

Residential Area

5 Marla

(25 x 45)

Rs 10,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 315,000
On Possession: Rs 125,000
Total Price: Rs 1,050,000

6 Marla

(30 x 50)

Rs 12,500 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 370,000
On Possession: Rs 135,000
Total Price: Rs 1,230,000

8 Marla

(30 x 60)

Rs 18,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 470,000
On Possession: Rs 148,000
Total Price: Rs 1,560,000

10 Marla

(35 x 65)

Rs 22,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 560,000
On Possession: Rs 182,000
Total Price: Rs 1,850,000

1 Kanal

(50 x 90)

Rs 40,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 1,050,000
On Possession: Rs 370,000
Total Price: Rs 3,500,000

2 Kanal

(75 x 120)

Rs 70,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 1,980,000
On Possession: Rs 800,000
Total Price: Rs 6,600,000

Pricing Plan

Commercial Area

3 Marla

(20 x 33.9)

Rs 30,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 990,000
On Possession: Rs 210,000
Total Price: Rs 3,300,000

5 Marla

(25 x 45)

Rs 45,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 1,500,000
On Possession: Rs 350,000
Total Price: Rs 5,000,000

8 Marla

(32 x 52)

Rs 70,000 /Month

34 Monthly Instalments
Down Payment: Rs 2,280,000
On Possession: Rs 450,000
Total Price: Rs 7,600,000