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MIVIDA: Unique Dynamic & Modern Design

We at MIVIDA Pakistan are truly proud to be able to fully provide such a lifestyle with high-end luxury and comfort, customized by the most experienced at our Project, at par with the most advanced in the world. It is no mean feat to present you with this yet-unimaginable, amazingly futuristic housing prospect; and we take pride in hailing you to come verify our claim.

MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad Zza realtors
MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad Zza realtors

We feel proud to announce the coming-of-age MIVIDA Pakistan for you, the first Eco-sustainable City with Smart Progression, made possible through conceptual innovation and leadership, assuring long-term investment benefits and a safest, cleanest and greenest eco-friendly environment with maximum health safety features; a lifestyle that attempts at minimal wastage of natural and personal resources right up from design and construction stage.

MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad Zza realtors

MIVIDA Pakistan: The Most Desirable Place to Live in!

The Venture with a Conscience!

A unique Combination of Well Established Developers and Seasoned Land Owners that brings forth a comprehensive Urban Development With vibrant, eco- sustainable, smart and green housing lifestyle that provides a range of Residential, Commercial and Resort Living facilities set in the lush green haven of the Capital Islamabad City’s luxuriance, served with plenteous high-end amenities and futuristic infrastructure. Mivida Pakistan is the place for the future.

MIVIDA provides high-end luxury and luxury , at par with the foremost advanced within the world and really affordable rates. It’s green and healthy environment will provide valuable lebensraum . It’s designed is such how that everything is near enough for you to conduct all the daily routines like prayers, walks and shopping.

Mivida Islamabad location is ideal and very convenient. It is located at Chakri Road Islamabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are accessible from Mivida Pakistan. Airport is at the few minutes drive only. It is a ideal place to live rush free life.

If you are planning to live in Mivida City Islamabad, the airport should be accessible.

  • It only takes 12 minutes to drive to the Islamabad International Airport.
  • M2 motorway is right at the belt.
  • No need to worry about Traffic jams.


Premium Project

MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad Zza realtors
Mivida Pakistan ZZa Realtors

Human in Scale with Powerful Cutting-edge Architecture! All Public facilities within 05-15 minutes walk through green spine pedestrian network Green Belts situated in multiple sectors IT Park & Education Complex Neighbourhood Markaz Grand Jamia Mosque along with Sector Mosques Active Commercial Central District Open & Inviting Plaza with Ground-Level Activity. Visit our Gallery or Blogs to know more about MIVIDA Pakistan. ZZA is officially representing this dream project. Avail exclusive discounts by contacting us. 

MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad Zza realtors

People are using different names for Mivida like, Mivida Pakistan, Mivida Islamabad, Mivida Rawalpindi, Mivida City, Mivida Pakistan Islamabad etc. What matters is that it is on everyone tongues.

What does it mean to be an Eco-Sustainable City? It means , we conserve the productivity of the waters, the soil and therefore the ecosystem, and reduce our impact on the natural environment and people’s health to A level that the natural environment and humanity can thrive happily. 

Mivida is a great investment as it will be bringing Pakistan’s first luxurious living style which has never been seen before. It will totally be self reliant with own energy plants, vegetation and much more. Wind mills will be used for generation of own Electricity and you will not be reliant on other electricity provider. There will be Hydroponic Dones and Solar Trees for green and efficient life. It has Botanical and Rain Gardens in which you can lost in nature. 

In order to live daily life, a person and his family needs all the amenities and necessities to live happily. Mivida has gone one step ahead in providing all the amenities in healthier, cleaner and luxurious way. It offers an ideal Balance of Luxury and Eco-Sustainability Progressing the Unique Experience of shopping for and Selling Modernized and Sustainable land. It’s providing fast mobility access with Ring Road. It will have highly active Central Commercial District Area where everything will be available. There are going to be public Walkaways from Markez to homes. There are going to be advanced IT and Educational complexes for quality education and jobs. A Grand Jamia Mosque will be built along with sector’s own individual Mosques.

Water Parks and Amusement Parks will be available for the kids to spend quality healthy time. It even has plans for Butterflies house, Avian Parks, Bird Sanctuaries & Zoo play fields. Parks Residents will be able to enjoy all living necessities in a single place, ensuring joyful future for your children.

For Golf lovers there is a Golf Course planned which is PGA standard 9 Holes Course at whopping 40 Acres. Mivida has planned a luxurious and comfy life at very affordable cost. You can find out about Mivida Payment Plan here.


Residentials Plot 3.5 Years Payment Schedule

Category (Marlas) Sq. Yds Size Land Price Booking Confirmation 14 Quarterly Installments On Possession
5.5 139 25x50 Rs 1,499,000 Rs 150,000 Rs 150,000 Rs 75,000 Rs 149,000
8 200 30x60 Rs 1,999,000 Rs 200,000 Rs 200,000 Rs100,000 Rs 199,000
10 253 35x65 Rs 2,399,000 Rs 225,000 Rs 225,000 Rs 125,000 Rs 199,000
14 350 42x75 Rs 2,999,000 Rs 300,000 Rs 300,000 Rs 150,000 Rs 299,000
20 500 50x90 Rs 4,499,000 Rs 500,000 Rs 500,000 Rs 215,000 Rs 489,000
40 1,000 75x120 Rs 8,499,000 Rs 850,000 Rs 850,000 Rs 425,000 Rs 849,000

Discount Offers

  • 10% Discount on Lump sum Payment
  • 05% Discount on Half Payment


  • Facing Park/Corner/Three Sides Open/Main Road (Between 41` and 199`) each contain 10% extra of Total Price.
  • In addition to the above, main Boulevard (200` and above) contains 15% extra of Total Price.
  • Confirmation will be payable after 01 month of booking.
  • 1st Quarterly Installment will be payable after 90 days of booking.
  • All prices are exclusive of development charges.

We have been regularly posting updates about Mivida and other projects in our blogs. Feel free to check out our blogs page to see more information in detail.

In last article we discussed about the booking and website of the Mivida. It has every facility imaginable, kindly read previous article about more features of Mivida, Islamabad. We’ve find a discussion on Quora as well. We have also compared it with Bahria Town and DHA and why it is better.

We believe that now everyone knows why Mivida City is the future. People often mistakes ZZA realtors site as Mivida Islamabad Website as there is so much information available here regarding this project. Lets Highlight some of the articles we have written about Mivida for your ease.

Why Mivida Is the hottest Property in Islamabad?

We are receiving numerous request and inquires from you. Let us assure you that MIVIDA Pakistan is a place to invest into future, health and luxury. ZZA Realtors will help you find the best possible deal in the efficient and swift manner. 


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