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Why Mivida Pakistan is the Real Deal?

Many other housing schemes come and go, few seldom fulfill the promises they made. So, the question of the evening is, why Mivida Pakistan is the real deal? What’s so special about it, how is it any different?

What’s special about Mivida:

  • It has Intelligent Information Infrastructure Overlay.
  • With Holistic Hybrid Space Planning.
  • Increased Functioning Efficiency.
  • Bringing improved qualities of Amenities.
  • It has Increased Resident Welfare.
  • Efficient circulation and Transport are a headline.
  • Islamabad and Rawalpindi will become, Cities within a City approach.
MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad ZZA realtors

Mivida is providing and promoting Eco-Sustainable core infrastructure with green and clean environment. This lifestyle will be maintained through Smart Management solutions and technology.

How is it any different from the others:

It is way different from others. It includes such facilities which enables environment friendly clean lifestyle. Mivida has thought about the health and future of the residents and that’s why such evolutionary steps were taken.

  • It has lesser carbon footprint.
  • Mivida has implemented sustainable landscape preservation strategies.
  • It has Grey water management at housing infrastructure.
  • Aqueducts water ponds will be available.
  • Rain water collection ponds.
  • It will do Bio-filtered waste water recycling.
  • Renewable Energy through Solar Farms, Windmills and Bio-plant.

Why Mivida Pakistan is the real deal:

Since you have read some of the unique things about Mivida above, let us conclude why Mivida Pakistan is the real deal?

Mivida is planned by one of the Singapore’s leading firm MEINHARDT, which has been revolutionizing the world from last 65 years or so. They are responsible for Master Planning, Urban Development, Environmental sustainable design and architecture, Civil and structural engineering and much more.

And Maxim Development group is heavily vested in bringing Mega Luxury, Residential, Commercial, Entertainment and Leisure projects. Since such big companies with huge commitment is onboard, Mivida Pakistan is very likely to become flagship project of Islamabad, Pakistan.

We have previously discussed about Mivida and Capital Smart City. In summary, it’s the right time to invest in Mivida before it’s too late. It has every facility Imaginable, kindly read our last article about more features of Mivida, Islamabad.

People are asking for more details and ZZA Realtors will be bringing you more details very soon.

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