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Why Mivida Islamabad better than the rest?

We’ll show you how Mivida, Pakistan is changing the modern dynamics of living? Let us shed some light on the truth. Mivida is Pakistan first smart city which it completely eco-sustainable. It means you will not have to really on outside resources to live in Mivida, Islamabad.

Is Mivida Islamabad better than DHA, Bahria?

So the question is that why Mivida Pakistan is better than the rest? Mivida not only offers water, food and electrical resources it also offers you a very smart living lifestyle. Which have some modern solutions like Smart Resident Portals & Platforms, Smart Street Lighting System. You are getting Luxury at very low pricing schemes with installment plans in MIVIDA. Let’s checkout some of the exclusive features, by going here.

MIVIDA Pakistan Islamabad Zza realtors

What are the latest updates on Mivida?

Development on Mivida Pakistan is going at full pace now. The talks for NOC has been done. It is on the way and it’s approved by RDA.

Gardens are being planted all our the Mivida City. Road network is being laid down for very smooth living. Huge amount infrastructure has been planned and the work has started. It is going to offer a living style never offered before in Pakistan.

  • The talks for NOC are almost done.
  • Gardens are getting planted.
What is Reality of Mivida Pakistan

What we did on Independence Day?

  • This Independence Day we gave out a FREE Plant who visited Mivida.
  • Free Plants were given to those who visited MIVIDA Pakistan`s Entrance or MIVIDA Eco Pavilion.
  • We should all make contribution to Greener and Cleaner Pakistan.

More than hundred thousand people have shown keen interest in Mivida, Pakistan. It is surely one of the hottest property in Islamabad. Right now, we are catering the numerous requests for tours and visits.

What Makes Mivida Islamabad Better?

The reality of Mivida is that it has some really smart solutions like, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Way Finding , Smart Parking, Smart Grid and much more. Mivida has tons of features which no other living residential society does not have in Pakistan. It is way ahead of the curve and leading to a smarter living style.

We Believe we have been able to convey the message that why Mivida is different. Rest assured that MIVIDA Pakistan is a place to invest into future, health and luxury. ZZA Realtors will help you find the best possible deal in the efficient and swift manner.

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