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What is Reality of Mivida Pakistan

What is Reality of Mivida Pakistan?

What is the reality of Mivida, Pakistan? Let us shed some light on the truth. Every other person wants to know and learn about it. ZZA Realtors will assist you on finding facts about Mivida, Islamabad.

Mivida is Pakistan’s first eco-sustainable city which is totally self reliant. Energy, Food and Water are among the things in which Mivida does not need any outside assistance. You are getting affordable pricing schemes with installment plans in MIVIDA. Lets see some of out the features, by clicking here.

The Work is underway right now

What is Reality of Mivida Pakistan
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So what is the reality of Mivida Pakistan?

Development on Mivida Pakistan is well underway. NOC is on the way and it’s approved by RDA.

Roads are being paved and trees are being planted. Overall the infrastructure is being laid there. It is going to be icing on the top of already beautiful city Islamabad.

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  • Booking starts from 150,000 only.
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Independence Day Offer

GET A FREE PLANT & Make Your Contribution to Green Pakistan! This Independence day let’s celebrate Freedom differently. We invite yo u to get your “FREE PLANT” from MIVIDA Pakistan`s Entrance or MIVIDA Eco Pavilion.

The realitiy of Mivida is that it has some really smart solutions like, Smart Resident Portals & Platforms, Smart Street Lighting System. Along with Smart Traffic Management, Smart Way Finding , Smart Parking, Smart Grid and much more.

We are receiving numerous request and inquires from you. Let us assure you that MIVIDA Pakistan is a place to invest into future, health and luxury. ZZA Realtors will help you find the best possible deal in the efficient and swift manner.

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