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book Plot in MIVIDA

How to book Plot in MIVIDA Pakistan?

Booking plot in Mivida, Pakistan is simple and easy process. There is a lot of interest and people are asking more and more about it. ZZA Realtors is here to help you find your dream place for luxurious living and book a plot in Mivida, Islamabad.

You are getting affordable pricing schemes with installment plans in MIVIDA. Luxury is at your doorstep at the cost of penny. To check out the features, you can have a look here.

Booking starts from only 150,000

book Plot in MIVIDA

How to Book a plot in Mivida and Discounts?

You can easily book plot in Mivida. You’d just need to contact us or make an appointment and we’ll get you underway.

Buying via ZZA you are going to get some exclusive discounts. You can get discounts of up to 10%. Lump Sum payment will get you 10% off. Whereas, you can get discount of 5% on half payment.

  • 10% Discount on Lump sum Payment.
  • 05% Discount on Half Payment.

What are the latest updates on Mivida Pakistan in August

  • More than hundred thousand people have shown keen interest in Mivida, Pakistan.
  • People are visiting and making appointments.
  • It is surely, one of the hottest property in Islamabad.
  • NOC for Mivida is also underway.
  • Mivida Pakistan Noc is almost done now.

Mivida’s state of the art features makes it heads above the rest in competition. It’s aim is to provide high standard, eco-friendly luxurious living. It is one of a kind in Pakistan.

It has some really smart solutions like, Smart Resident Portals & Platforms, Smart Street Lighting System. Along with Smart Traffic Management, Smart Way Finding , Smart Parking, Smart Grid and much more.

We are overwhelemed by your Requests and queries. MIVIDA Pakistan is a place to invest into future, health and luxury. ZZA Realtors will keep bringing you more details.

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