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MIVIDA PAkistan updates

What are the latest Updates on MIVIDA Pakistan?

ZZA Realtors, brings forth regular updates for Mivida Pakistan. We have received huge number of interested buyers in Mivida. Our Facebook page is providing constant updates and details regarding the project as we are official partners with Mivida.

You are getting affordable pricing schemes with installment plans. Luxury is at your doorstep at the cost of penny. To check out the features you can check out our previous article.

Starting from 150,000

latest Updates on Mivida Pakistan

Dicounts by ZZA Realtors

If the property is acquired via ZZA Realtors you are going to get some amazing discounts. You can get discounts of up-to 10%. Lump Sum payment will get you 10% off whereas you can get discount of 5% on half payment.

  • 10% Discount on Lump sum Payment.
  • 05% Discount on Half Payment.

What are the updates on Mivida Pakistan

  • Thousands of people have shown keen interest in Eco-Sustainable Mivida, City.
  • We are receiving numerous requests for visits and details.
  • Right now it’s one of the hottest property in Islamabad.
  • As of last week we have received more than 1000 messages regarding Mivida, Pakistan.
  • Some people ask us if we are official Mivida Pakistan Website, our answer about that is no but we are official representatives.

It has smart solutions built-in, Smart Surveillance & Security System, Smart Metering & Monitoring System. Furthermore Smart Electrical Car Charging Points & Stations Smart, Garbage Collection System. It has Smart Fire/Hazard Safety System, Smart Air Pollution Management. And Smart Resident Portals & Platforms, Smart Street Lighting System. Along with Smart Traffic Management, Smart Way Finding , Smart Parking, Smart Grid and much more.

We are grateful for such tremendous response you gave us and we are keen to serve you more. MIVIDA Pakistan is a safe investment for your healthy and luxurious future. ZZA Realtors will be posting more details soon regarding it’s payment plans and discounts.

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